Cobber Corn Feed unites community, alumni

Bryce Haugen

Hundreds of Concordia College alumni and community members gathered Wednesday, Aug. 22 for the Moorhead Cobber Corn Feed. The event, held annually since 1974, featured live music, face painting, inflatable games, a Science Academy and, of course, all-you-can-eat corn free of charge.
Eric Johnson, Concordia College’s director of alumni relations, said the neatest part of the corn feed is the interaction of alumni with members of the Fargo-Moorhead community.
“We’re happy to have that as a part of our tradition,” he said.
Each year, the college has 20 to 25 corn feeds throughout the country, either hosted by Johnson’s crew or alumni volunteers, with the largest events held in the Twin Cities and other communities in Minnesota.
The night before the Moorhead event, Johnson enlisted his staff and various members of the Cobber community to husk 3,800 ears of corn.
“The campus community really loves this event and they go all out,” Johnson said.
At Concordia, where the mascot is a cob of corn named the Kernel, “We’re all about the corn,” Johnson said. “We’re kinda corny. I mean that literally and figuratively.”
The Kernel even has his own Twitter account, @kernelcobb.
(Photo/ Bryce Haugen)

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