Bout for Brittney, part 2

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Tom Krabbenhoft
Greetings one and all. Looks like the cold has slipped on us like an uncomfortable pair of dress shoes.
Last week I wrote how releasing Viktor Bout is a bad idea on any level. I just want to lay out the facts of how dangerous he is and theorize the US will regret this.
When Viktor Bout was finally caught he was negotiating with FARC and Narco Terrorists in Central America. He was lining up 5,000 AK-47S, Anti-aircraft cannons, hundreds of pounds of C4 and 10,000,000 rounds of ammo. Also there was 500-800 Anti-aircraft missiles on the table. The US has been directly and indirectly fighting the Central American drug war a long time.
Viktor Bout has been a player to making sure US policy around the world is costly to carry out.
Whether its our missions in the Mideast, trying to squelch Al Qeada in Africa and right in our backyard with drug cartels Bout has been involved.
Sources I follow point out Mr. Bout never even took a day off after his release. He is already wheeling and dealing his death trade.
Putin and Russia have had UN sanctions placed on them since the Ukrainian invasion. This includes the lucrative Russian arms trade. Bout is already knocking on doors and will soon be filling the Russian and Putin coffers. Areas like Syria, parts of Africa, Iraq and Afghanistan will especially be targeted by Bout, the US with a small presence has left a vacuum. Central American Narco Terrorists will be wanting to rearm themselves.
Even more frightening it is very likely he will be recruiting fighters from these countries for the Ukraine conflict. The weak world economy especially in the third world and anti-American fervor fighters for Russia will be easy to recruit.
Another reason trading Bout for Brittney was bad policy. I had mentioned the Columbian group FARC. FARC has made a handsome living in the past from kidnapping. The US position for years was not to negotiate with terrorist. When FARC and other players see this lopsided prisoner exchange it’s going to embolden them to attempt similar deals. The US has extradited many people from around the world. Many of these groups want their bad guys home. Kidnapping Americans could be perceived as a means to an end to get them back.
According to some of the people that arrested Bout the “bad actors” on the world stage are going to be performing again.
A lot can be learned from a man by the woman that stands behind him. Alla Bout has been a tireless advocate to free her husband. She reported back in 2012 Viktor does not have enough time in the day to do everything he wants. She encouraged him to strengthen his mind through yoga, reading philosophy books, learning languages and exercising. She was left with a young daughter and reported being shunned by their circles. She has brought out the names of US companies that supply weapons and asks why their leaders have not been arrested too. Bout’s family had a rough time with him being jailed. They carry anti US sentiment and will probably encourage Viktor into revenge dealing.
We got back an America basketball player that broke the law overseas.
Russia and Putin got back the merchant death who is already busy setting up arms deals which will enrich Russia and Putin.

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