Change in police vehicle brands for updates in fleet

county commission

Cari Drees

Motorists will see six brand-new police vehicles on the road starting in 2023. The Clay County Sheriff’s Department will be purchasing six new Chevy Tahoe’s which will replacing one Ford Explorer, three Ford Interceptors and two Dodge Chargers.

Purchase of these vehicles will be supplemented by proceeds from the annual police auction totaling $92,273. Commissioner Jenny Mongeau shared “I think that the public might be noticing a little bit of a shift in terms of the squads that we are running, and it is important to note that these are substantially less than you can buy a Tahoe on the regular market for.” The profile of the currently available Ford and Dodge vehicles isn’t conducive to the weather conditions in Clay County. Sheriff Empting commented that the reason for the move to the Tahoe was due to the ease of use and officer safety in winter, where the existing Tahoe’s in the fleet outperformed the other vehicles available for the officers.

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