Veteran’s Corner

Tom Krabbenhoft

Greetings everyone. I just got back from a cross country motorcycle trip. I’m always in awe of the beautiful country we live in. Teddy Roosevelt said “Depression will never catch a man on a fast horse.” I’m not depressed mind you, but a trip like that will leave one smiling a long time.

Thanks to Jason Hicks for stepping up and writing this weekly article in my absence. Jason is Commander of the UPB (United Patriotic Bodies) and the Fargo Memorial Honor Guard. He is involved and in tune to the going ons in the veterans community. He is retired military as well. To better serve local veterans and highlight service organizations he will be writing a monthly article.       We hope the veterans that are sitting at home will become more involved.

This weekend the Steam Threshers Reunion at Rollag is taking place. This year’s theme is military. Every veteran gets a button. They have a replica of the Vietnam Memorial Wall, historic pieces of military hardware, a working WW2 Sherman tank, a half track and several other displays. Many other events are taking place. It’s surely the place to be this weekend.

Battle Blitz Indoor Paintball recently opened. They offer a 20% discount for veterans and first responders. They are located at 1711 Center Ave, Dilworth, phone 218 979-6111. I have a long list of people I’d like to get on the Paintball field.  Thanks for doing this.

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