Presented to Clay County Commission by Clay County Public Health Staff

 Clay County

-Cumulative positive cases to 02/01/21: 6,667

-Active cases: 99

-Cumulative deaths: 84

-14 Day Case Rate/10,000 people: 36.94

-Cumulative cases requiring hospitalization: 275

-Cumulative ICU admissions: 74

-Median age of cumulative cases: 33


-Cumulative positive cases to 02/01/21: 462,528

-Active cases: 8,906

-Cumulative deaths: 6,202

-Median age of cumulative cases: 38

-Cumulative cases requiring hospitalization: 24,352

-Cumulative ICU admissions: 5,045

Vaccine Data, as of 02/01/21

Clay County

-People who have received at least 1 dose of vaccine: 5,565/8.9%

-People with completed vaccine series: 1272/2.0%


-People who have received at least one dose of vaccine -441,922/8%

-People with completed vaccine series: 116,248/2.1%


-Minnesota still recommends a single mask though some states are now moving to double masking.

-Masks with vents are not recommended because they release particles.

-Gaiter masks are ok if they are double layered.

-Clay County is administering vaccine to those in the 1A group.

-Pfizer and Moderna response rate after first vaccine dose: up to 50%

-Pfizer and Moderna response rate after second dose: up to 95%

-Clay County vaccination information may be found at 218-299-7204

-Vaccination numbers are based on doses made available to the state and the county.

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