Presented to Clay County Commission by Clay County Public Health Staff


Clay County

-Cumulative positive cases to 02/23/21: 6,807

-Active cases: 51

-Cumulative deaths: 84

-14 Day Case Rate/10,000 people: 14.33

-Cumulative hospitalizations: 283 (includes out-of-state hospitalizations of MN residents)

-Cumulative ICU admissions: 76

-Median age of cumulative cases: 33



-Cumulative positive cases to 02/23/21: 479,591

-Active cases: 6,847

-Cumulative deaths: 6,433

-Median age of cumulative cases: 38

-Cumulative hospitalizations: 25,478

-Cumulative ICU admissions: 5,264


Vaccine Data, as of 02/20/21

Clay County

-People who have received at least 1 dose of vaccine: 7,940/12.5% of county population

-People with completed vaccine series: 3,829/6.0% of county population

-People age 50-64 with at least one dose of vaccine: 14.8% of age group population

-People age 65+ with at least one dose of vaccine: 40.5% of age group population

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