Active Cases Current/Previous Week


Clay County: 397/378



Cass County ND: 696/697

ND: 2,100/2,236


Clay County Active Cases/Age

30 to 34 yrs. old: 42

35-39 yrs. old: 41

10-14 yrs. old: 38

5-9 yrs. old: 36


Clay County Cumulative Active Cases: 12,903


Clay County Cumulative Deaths: 111


Clay County Weekly Hospital Admissions for 12/12/21:  8


ND Covid Hospitalizations Current/cumulative (includes MN residents hospitalized in ND)

Total hospitalized: 141/6,806

Non-ICU: 122/5,920

ICU: 19/886


Clay County CCPH Cumulative Vaccinations: 18,541


Minnesota Vaccination

At least one dose: 3,716,261=71.3%

Completed series: 3,482,261=66.8%

3rd doses & booster doses administered: 1,514,732


CDC Level of Community Transmission


Minnesota: high


For Covid Information

Call CCPH at 218-299-7204

Register online for vaccine clinics at https://claycountymngov/1597/Vaccination-Information


Omicron Variant Facts

-The majority of U.S. states have detected at least 1 case, including MN & ND:

-Appears to be more transmissible than Delta:

*potential for another large spike of cases

-Some evidence to suggest immune evasion:

*increase in re-infections and breakthrough infections

*decrease in the effectiveness of the most widely available treatments

-Current vaccines will likely offer protection against severe disease. Boosters will help.

-Not enough data yet to compare severity of illness with Delta.

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