Clay County recognizes Employees’ Years-of-Service 

Karen Newman 

During their June 1st meeting, Clay County Commissioners paused to celebrate long-term employees. 

Sheriff Mark Empting has completed 20 years of service to Clay County as a Law Enforcement officer. Acting Commission Chair Jenny Mongeau said, “I just want to say, on behalf of Clay County, that we are so thankful for the commitment you have shown to Clay County.”  She added a personal note, “Speaking as a person who has had to call 911 because we needed help on the farm, you were the first person there and grabbed the hose to help put out the fire. I think that we’re fortunate that you are so able to respond to the community and citizen needs. Thank you very much.”

Commissioner Frank Grosz added his praise for Sheriff Empting, “When I get done with my tenure as commissioner, I going to be proud to say that I was a commissioner when you were sheriff. Thank you for your service.”

Mongeau presented a twenty-year service award for Ryan Carey, a staff member of the Sheriff’s Office. Accepting the award for Carey in his absence, Sheriff Empting offered praise, “Ryan has been at the county sheriff’s office now for twenty years.  He started in the patrol division. He was one of our canine handlers. He is currently assigned to our Court Security Division where he maintains the integrity of the court. We thank him for everything that he does for us here.”

Don Culp spent the past 25 years operating a motor grader out of the Georgetown district. As a grader operator, his mission is to maintain roads for user safety. Assistant County Engineer Justin Sorum praised Culp, declaring,  “He is a skilled blade man who works very hard to keep up his district. We will miss him very much when he retires on July 6.”

Another Clay County motor grader operator, Rori Green, successfully completed 25 years in his position. Green works out of the Felton district which is a blend of wooded river ground with large busy farms which is located south of Felton. Lauding Green’s accomplishments, Sorum said, “He is very good at running the motor grader.  He’s a great employee. He comes to work every day, does his work and goes home.  His quiet hard-working demeanor is very much appreciated.”

Acting Chair Mongeau honored Brenda Backlund for 15 years of service.  Backlund has spent 15 years working as an administrative assistant in the Clay County Auditor’s office.

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