County approves soft costs for Resource Recover Campus

county commission

Karen Newman

In their July 6 meeting, the Clay County Commission heard and approved requests for approval for items related to the Resource Recover Campus construction project.

Solid Waste Director Kirk Rosenberger presented his department’s rationale for approval of soft costs for the Resource Recovery Campus, writing in his proposal, “We have a Guaranteed Maximum Price for the construction of the Resource Recovery Campus.  However, there are other costs which are part of a successful project.  These costs (soft costs) include land purchase, equipment purchases, furniture purchases, project oversight costs and a 3% owner contingency.  Total estimated soft costs are $2,540,955.”

Addressing the commissioners, he added, “We are going to be taking over the transportation of the garbage once it leaves the transfer station to Perham and also to the landfill.  The equipment will include three transfer trailers and a couple of semi tractors. We are also looking to purchase a shredder to make sure that the bulky material is managed better and more appropriately.”

In other commission business related to the Resource Recovery Campus, Rosenberger explained that although a Guaranteed Maximum Price for the Resource Recovery Campus exists, an elimination of skylights from the transfer station will lower the project costs by about $42,000. Subsequently, the total project price declines to about $18,363,677. The skylights were removed from the building plan due to challenges with keeping them clean in a dusty environment. Commissioner Jenny Mongeau thanked Rosenberger and his department for their planning efforts, saying, “Building costs have gone up but I think we’ve been able to mitigate it to a point with engineering. Thank you for that.”

To remain consistent with other Clay County projects, Burns and McDonnell will act as Clay County’s Agent in the construction of the Resource Recover Campus. The board approved a 3% reimbursement to Burns and McDonnell for their services and a limit of $5 million for liability.

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