Environmentally friendly New Year’s resolutions

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Shannon Thompson

 Many people choose to make resolutions in the New Year. Judging by the crowd in the gym, a lot of people resolve to exercise more. This year, consider resolving to make better choices for the environment.

 Rethinking unnecessary purchases can make a big environmental impact. Reconsider buying that cute knickknack or fourth pair of dress boots. Carefully considering the need for more “stuff” before making purchases saves resources, reduces pollution, and conserves landfill space.

Many of us upgrade our electronics at every opportunity, even when there is nothing wrong with our older phone, TV, computer, or tablet. This can be expensive, and disposal of these items can be dangerous. Choosing to put off your next upgrade could be a win for the environment and for your wallet.

Reducing driving saves energy and resources. Walking and biking are great forms of exercise that are easy for individuals to fit into their everyday lives. Saving money is another benefit of choosing to use your feet.

Shopping secondhand has never been easier. There are many online resale platforms in addition to the traditional thrift shops and rummage sales. Reusing existing items reduces manufacturing and disposal demands. It is also easy to donate or sell items with life left in them that you no longer need.

Wishing you and yours a Happy New Year from Clay County Solid Waste!


You can always contact me at Clay County Solid Waste, shannon.thompson@claycountymn.gov or 218 299-7329 with any recycling or waste disposal questions in Clay County. 

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