Fighters rivaling scariest Halloween monsters

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Tom Krabbenhoft

With the onset of Halloween soon upon us I thought it would be a great time to talk about some fighters that would scare you if you ever met them.

Gurkhas- These stout warriors come from Nepal. They have been in service with British Army since 1814. They have fought with the British in every major war since then. They can also serve in the Indian Army.

Recently in Afghanistan one Gurkha killed 30 Taliban all by himself. Dipprasad Pun- is alive and well and they’re making a film about him.

In 2011 Bishnu Shresta was riding a subway when 40 armed thugs got on the train. They started robbing the passengers. Bishnu pulled his legendary Kukri (knife) and started stabbing and slashing. The assailants fled. 

When the Argentine army found out they were on the Falkland Islands. They suddenly lost the will to fight and retreated.


Nizari- The Nizari were a small but deadly sect. They started from a small castle and expanded. They used magic and mysticism to exert control. They taught human behavior and habits. Their biggest weapon was terror, which they could throw like lightning bolts. They were called Hashashins. This was because of their very heavy use of Hashish which could calm nerves and make one handle much more pain. The Hashishins evolved into the assassins, or order of assassins.  They killed many sultans, princes and many rulers including the ruler of Jerusalem.  They use many methods to kill. Poisons, bladed weapons and the dagger was their stock and trade.

They were so effective at their craft the mighty Islamic ruler Saladin, found a dagger stuck in his bed in the AM.  This was after he reneged on a deal he made with him. They were promptly paid after this incident. They were few but effective.  They would demand from ruler’s castles and large hunks of land. If they were not paid the ruler’s often found themselves missing loved ones.  They were seldom denied payment.


Beserkers- As the name implies and its origin means crazy. Vikings were amongst the scariest warriors in history. Often in battle they would lay waste to friend and foe alike. They would often wear layer upon layer of wolf skins into battle. This made them look bigger and out of this world fearsome. Its rumored werewolves from germanic lore started this way. One Beserker changed World history. The Battle of Stamford Bridge one lone Berserker held off the entire English Army and killed 40, before a pikeman floated under and impaled him from under the bridge. The small Viking force weakened the British so bad they were unable to repel a Norman invasion weeks later.


Mom- Several cups of coffee, a couple of bratty kids and a near impossible to assemble Xmas tree on the floor. The Quicksilver fury could rival any of the above. Love ya Mom.


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