FM Area Diversion Project moves into construction phase

clay county commissioners

Cari Drees 

Joel Paulson, Executive Director of the Metro Flood Diversion provided an update Tuesday on the Diversion Authority as it is moving forward into full scope construction. The change primarily comes with a change in the four committees that fall under the Diversion Project. The policies for those committees have been implemented so their duties will be condensed and absorbed by the planning board. “As someone who represents an area that has been affected and will continue to be affected part of the concerns that I have is to maintain an avenue for landowners to go to and address those concerns. Those committees in place have served a really good purpose in terms of making sure that we are addressing concerns at a micro level.” commented District 3 Representative Jenny Mongeau. She wanted to verify that there would still be an elected-level person to speak to landowners with concerns.  Mr. Paulson responded that individuals will be able to address the larger MCC JPA Board, without being on the agenda, for ease of communication. Mongeau continued with a statement that she appreciates that there is a joint board in both Cass and Clay counties to address concerns.

An additional update was requested for the cemetery work attached to this project. Within the agreement all cemeteries and boards are moving forward. While there wasn’t a formal committee there is staff level implementation of policies that have been codified. These policies and implementations are being overseen by the Land Management Committee for this project.

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