Historian Mark Peihl presented with MoorHeart Award

Clay County archivist Mark Peihl

Clay County historian Mark Peihl was presented with the civic MoorHeart Award at Monday’s city council meeting. He was cited for “his outstanding knowledge of our region’s rich history for more than 36 years and the passion he shows in preserving that history and sharing it with residents and visitors.”

The chief archivist of the Historical and Cultural Society of Clay County was nominated for the award by the organization’s entire board of directors. In suggesting him, the board noted the wide-ranging education he has provided on the area’s past and its culture through interviews, research, tours, exhibits and presentations, “showcasing the interesting moments and highlights of the county’s history that otherwise might not be noticed or appreciated.”

Peihl has been a key part of the HCSCC staff for more than 35 years, building its encyclopedic archive of historical publications and documents as well as photographs from the county’s 150-year history. He writes deeply researched articles about aspects of the region’s past and gives as many as 75 presentations every year to schoolchildren and community groups. He also works with other researchers who delve into the region’s past and plays a part in developing displays for the society’s museum in the Hjemkomst Center, one of the city’s leading attractions for both residents and visitors.

The MoorHeart Award is presented every month to a resident or organization nominated for their contributions to life in the community. To nominate a candidate for a future award, go to  www.cityofmoorhead.com and search “moorheart.”

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