Historical Highlights Unveiled Along River Walk

Christine Holland of River Keepers and Maureen Kelly Jonason of HCSCC reveal the sign marking the site of the bear cage near River Haven, while Brian King of the HDR Foundation (at left) and city manager Dan Mahli look on. (Photo/Caleb Fugleberg.)

The River Walk through downtown Moorhead takes walkers and bikers through some of the city’s most colorful history … and now it tells those stories as well. On Tuesday, April 30, 17 markers were unveiled along the corridor, telling highlights of the sites that line the east side of the river.
Among them are the 1941 Northwest Airlines DC-3 crash, the 1923 Dovre Ski Club ski jump, and the iconic Bear Cage and Zoo of the 1920s and ’30s. Other signs explore Native American connections to the Red River and the area’s role in the ice industry. They also delve into the natural history of the Red River, covering topics such as the formation of Lake Agassiz, fish species, and the riparian forest. Written by experts from the Historical and Cultural Society of Clay County and River Keepers, the content has been meticulously reviewed to ensure accuracy.

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