Is now a good time to move into a senior living community?

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Carrie Carney

We are living in a challenging time, all of us affected by the current pandemic. While our states, country and the world have been practicing social distancing, we have found that isolation has been detrimental to many, especially older adults secluded in their homes. Living at a senior living community, while still practicing social distancing, offers activities, fellowship, and services when needed. While we at Eventide may do things a bit differently right now to ensure safety and wellbeing, community is still at the center of our campuses, which is more important than ever.

Connection and Community

Community is at the heart of each of our campuses. People thrive on connection to one another and that is no different during a pandemic. Now that our campuses are allowing visits and holding carefully planned activities, residents experience connection and fellowship. From outdoor hymn singing led by a chaplain, to chair exercises and more, our residents continue to thrive.

“COVID-19 has brought challenges to senior living, but I truly believe that now is a great time to move in to our apartments,” says Brady Johnsrud, executive director at Eventide Sheyenne Crossings. “We’re well into our reopening phases, which has allowed us to restart many of our regular daily activities and continue on to our new normal. Our employees and residents continue to receive regular testing, which is key to staying safe as we reopen our buildings. Many of us in the community have felt isolated as stores and restaurants were closed, but what better way to gain access to social opportunities than in an environment where testing and personal protective equipment is available.”

A Unique Wellness Approach

Each of our campuses has a life enrichment team that plans and schedules activities that fit into our six-faceted wellness program. Programming is aimed at enhancing intellectual, social, emotional, spiritual, occupational and physical well-being – all to empower our residents be more active and engaged. The life enrichment team has creatively found ways to continue to offer our wellness program, even with physical distancing. These activities offer connection that cannot be found in isolation.

Ease of Living

At a senior living community, residents do not have to worry about home maintenance, meals, utilities and other obligations. Each senior living apartment building has staff available to help and nurses to provide cares when needed. Light housekeeping is provided once per week and there are many amenities to enjoy, such as a wellness center, courtyard, restaurant-style dining, and an emergency response system. There is less to worry about, creating more time to enjoy the simple things in life!

Strict Infection Control Policies

We continue to follow the strict infection control policies we implemented at our campuses in early March. Common areas such as lobbies, elevators, hallways and mailrooms are meticulously sanitized. All staff are trained in infection prevention practices to prevent the spread COVID-19. Eventide follows guidance from the Minnesota and North Dakota Departments of Health, Centers for Disease Control (CDC) and the Center for Medicaid and Medicare (CMS).

Now is a safe time to move to a senior living community. The advantages of living at one of our campuses combat the isolation and hazards that some are experiencing while living at home. To find out more about Eventide’s communities, call 701.291.2200 or explore our virtual tours at 

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