Land of the free because of the brave

Land of the free because of the brave

Jason Hicks

We recently celebrated the 4th of July, commemorating 246 years since we declared independence from the British. Starting in motion the rise of the greatest country in the worlds history.

 This brings up todays topic. Are we still the greatest country in the world? My simple answer is yes. We are the beacon of hope for the world. People risk everything to come here, legally and other wise. I had heard there are groups of people who won’t partake in 4th of July celebrations out of protest. These same people will gladly take the day off though.

During the last century we spent much of our treasure and shed our own blood to liberate and free millions of people the world over. We defeated Nazi Germany, Imperial Japan. We watched to collapse of the Soviet Union, a rotten system that died from the inside out.

It really makes me wonder how anybody cannot think we are the greatest country. You see people marching in the streets demanding change, whether it be laws and even the structure of our government, radical change. And why? Because here in America minority voices matter, you aren’t arrested and thrown in a gulag for not agreeing with our form of government. You are allowed to peacefully protest. If only the people that are demanding socialism could read and understand history. It all starts with equality; however under that system some groups are more equal than others. How do you suppose there are multi-millionaires in China? The Government controls all aspects of life in this workers paradise. Because it is a corrupt system, how about North Korea? Or any Communist/ Socialist system? I strongly encourage those who want such radical change to visit one of these places and protest the hypocrisy, then see what happens. 

 We are a Constitutional Republic not a Democracy. We have our ups and downs, but in the end we are still the United States of America. There are many forces within the US and abroad who want to see us fail. And why? It boils down to jealousy. How could you cheer to the fall of our great Republic? We are Liberators, not conquerors. We have helped save or preserve democracy across the world. 

 God bless America, land of the free because of the brave. 

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