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Tom Krabbenhoft

Hope everyone is getting out and enjoying the weather. With these mask mandates dropping I hope we are rediscovering the lost treasure of smiles. 

So much going on in the veteran community for fundraising and awareness events. The Memorial Day observances are approaching too. If your veteran organization or group has a event email me at 11btwk@gmail.com and I will get it out there. 

Here are a few coming up.

Thanks again to Dee and her staff at Specks Bar for raising money for kids of deployed soldiers. Every Monday the month of May. 

June 5th, Saturday CVMA (Combat Veterans Motorcycle Association). Will be holding a run to raise money for PADs (Patriot Assistant Dogs). PADS pairs veterans with service dogs. Most of the dogs they utilize ate rescue dogs. Two great causes rolled into one. For more information on this event contact Chad @ 701 552-3582. 

July 11th, Felton Bar will hold a car and motorcycle run. Proceeds will benefit both the FM Legion Riders and the Honor Guard. The honor guard is made up of members from the AMVETS, The VFW and The American Legion. They do many functions flag raising and retirement ceremonies. Chiefly though they perform burial duties at the National Cemetery. Our area was lucky to have a National Cemetery open regionally. Bismarck and Fort Snelling were the closest options before. More information contact the Sara at the Felton Bar @ 218-451-4915. 

Recently a reader generously donated $5,000 to help out families of those deployed by the MN National Guard. Here is an update. 

We are putting together a Zoo day. The families can meet and greet and get familiar with each other. Admission and food will be provided to them. A fishing trip for the kids is being organized with a couple of charities. 

I reached out to a local supermarket about buying gift cards to the store. I requested if they could perhaps donate a few cards and help stretch our budget. Sadly it was denied. Younger soldiers just starting in the Service struggle financially. A fairly common rank is E4. A E4 under 2 years service base pay is $26,500 annually. There are other pay bumps being deployed however its not much. The pay is not very attractive especially when one has kids, house/car payments etc. All this with your significant other gone for a year. The immense pride instilled in military members will often keep them and their families from reaching out for help. That’s why  food cards administered and handed out by the chain of command could’ve been very beneficial to these young families. 

Our Veteran of the week is LTC. Andrew Nathan. 

“Drew” was in over 22 years. He served in Afghanistan and two tours in Iraq.  Plus he has one to Washington DC guarding our capitols skies. 

He holds the coveted Ranger tab, jump wings and Bronze Star. 

He currently works at the VA and vets like myself get back into school and the workforce.

Last year he rode his bicycle across ND to raise money. Details on his ride this year to follow soon. 

Submit a veteran, email me at 11btwk@gmail.com.

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