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Lots of things this week to write about. Last Sunday myself, Russ Stabler, Jim Graalum, Marvin Nicklay, Mayor Tim Mahoney and Senator John Hoeven met.

Also our pro-bono partners from Icon Architectural group and Lowry Engineering were present. The proverbial football has been moved a long way in a few months.

Hoeven and Mahoney have some very exciting future opportunities for the Fargo Memorial Honor Guard.

Speaking of football I received much feedback about last weeks article. Once again the Vikings shot our hopes higher than a SR-71 Reconnaissance aircraft.

For centuries there existed Vikings that seldom lost. They came from all the Scandinavian coasts. They had ships that could navigate oceans and rivers with equal ease. They could place a large force of fighters quickly up a river or along a coast.

They did this from Scandinavia all the way to the Middle East. The terror they struck was equal no matter where they went. How do you fight people whose one desire in life is to die in battle?

The seafaring Vikings had several advantages over our MN Vikings. First, their vigorous and aggressive offense. They never squandered an opportunity to attack. When they were not in attack mode they were defensive geniuses taking advantage of both terrain and enemies shortcomings. They would often lure enemies into a false sense of security, appearing weak when strong. Look up Sun Tzu.

Another advantage they had over our beloved MN Vikings is cousins. Lol it’s true! Viking villages ran with their bloodlines. You fought harder if you grew up with those on your left and right. You know their strengths and weaknesses and can adapt tactics accordingly. A conscription army which was typical for the day seldom had these advantages. Plus they had little to gain in repelling a Viking attack. The exception would be having family nearby which is a force multiplier.

The Vikings can thank a lowly fish too. The Cod! Cod is very rich in Vtamin D and protein, two things very important to bone and muscle development. The very physical nature of Viking life and lots of cod helped the Vikings to grow larger and more muscular than most they fought. 

Maybe just maybe our MN Vikings need Cod in their diet?

This Saturday the 21st from 4-10, at the TAK music venue. A benefit for Mitchell Amundson is being held. A pasta supper, silent auction and music will take place. Many people in this family have served and have supported veterans causes. Please visit for more information.


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