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Tom Krabbenhoft

I hope everyone enjoyed Thanksgiving.  Thanks very much for the feedback on the National Cemetery need for a shelter. I’d like to remind everyone the cemetery has been opened a few years already. That’s why it’s imperative a shelter is built. 

Having held leadership spots in the military you learn a few things.

People act on and execute orders when they HEAR you. Respect for rank and fear of disciplinary action will take you far.

People act on and execute orders when they LISTEN to you. Except they do so with a sense of pride and loyalty. They’ll strive extra to ensure quality work is done. This is done by fostering trust, mutual respect. You could say you’ve motivated your people to succeed. These types of leaders go very far.

Motivation is a funny thing; It’s like shoes with a variety of sizes, colors purpose etc. What motivates people is not a one size fits all. Sometimes its money, glory, recognition even a little thanks is all that is needed. If you are a leader motivation is like pineapple on pizza. Either you get it or you don’t. Military leaders used many ways to motivate.

Romans- the Roman’s used many means to motivate. Often large bands of merchants would follow the Roman army on their conquests. These were essentially mobile Walmarts. Along with them came wine, women, song and even gambling. A smart Roman general would feed his troops well and pay them even better while splitting their plunder. Decimation, a word used today was another method of motivation. This is where one in ten troops is beat, whipped or even executed. The remaining 9 that bore witness would certainly do better next time.

Samurai- the Bushido code dictates a warrior mindset few could grasp today. They were motivated by personal glory. A fight between two Samurai would normally ensure a beheading. They would perfume their hair, and some adorned it with an assortment of bling. If they lost they were going to leave their foe with a prize. If they won glory they would shout of their feat to future enemies. Every victory led to more glory.

Zulu- Shaka the famous Zulu ruler was the first to unite the entire Zulu nation. Hd did this through a military campaign. The Zulu were all armed alike and Shakas tribe was not even the largest. He won through both proper tactics and motivation. His young warriors for example were not allowed to have female company until they fought and won in battle. I suspect this made for a motivated fighting force. Probably made a force that clamored for battle often.

Spartans- the Spartans training, food and living conditions were so terrible they begged for war for a better quality of life. “Spartan living conditions” became part of the vocabulary for a reason.

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