News Briefs 6.4

SE Main|20 St|21 St Underpass Project Delayed

MOORHEAD – The SE Main|20 St|21 St Underpass project is approximately 70% complete (underpass construction, track, and signal work). It was announced last summer that slope stability issues associated with temporary shoring systems were causing delays in constructing the retaining walls needed to support the permanent railroad tracks as they approach the bridges. The temporary shoring systems needed to install the permanent improvements have been redesigned, and work that was put on hold until this was completed will restart in early June. Unfortunately, the redesign took significant time and negatively impacted the construction schedule. The project will not be open to traffic in 2020.

During the period in which work on the retaining walls was delayed, progress continued on other areas – particularly road construction around the tie-in points of the underpass project, and portions of the three bridges. Approximately 65% of the total excavation has been completed.

Two retaining walls must be completed before the two north bridges can be completed. Construction of these walls will likely start up again in early June. One of the walls and the two north bridges may be completed by mid-summer, but construction of the other wall will last into September.

The permanent OTVR track, the last remaining bridge and the permanent BNSF track must be completed after the aforementioned steps. The revised schedule anticipates late November / early December of 2020 for these elements.

The remaining excavation, storm sewer and road construction to complete the underpass must occur after the permanent track is in place and weather permits. The construction of these final elements will resume in spring 2021.

Every effort is being made to complete the project as early as possible. However, the safety and integrity of the permanent infrastructure (walls, bridges, etc.) and keeping the project within the approved budget will continue to be top priorities. The complexity of resolving the issues encountered has resulted in a delay in opening until the summer of 2021.


 MOORHEAD – Moorhead Area Public Schools and the YMCA are partnering to provide summer meal access for all children ages 1-18 starting June 8. Eligible children may pick up one meal per day. Parents, guardians or students must be present to receive meals and may only pick up the meals at one site as scheduled below. Special diet meals are available by contacting Food Services Director, Donna Tvedt at

Moorhead Area Public Schools

Breakfast/Lunch served Monday-Thursday

 Two days of meals will be provided each Thursday.

9:30 – 10 am – School Bus

Belsley Park 3500 12th St S

Northeast Park 1817 8th Ave N

Allyson Park 4320 3rd St S

 9:30 – 10:15 am – School Van

Queens Park 3201 20th St S 

 9:30 – 10:15 am – School Bus

High School 2300 4th Ave S outside door 15

 10:45 – 11:15 am – School Bus

Bennett Park 302 17th St S

Romkey Park 900 19th St S

Arrowhead Park 2600 6th Ave N


Lunch/Snack provided Monday-Wednesday-Friday

Two days of meals provided Monday/Wednesday/Friday

Three days of meals provided on Friday

 11 – 11:30 am

Ellen Hopkins Elementary – Main Door

 11:45 am – 12:15pm

Robert Asp Elementary – Main Door

Moorhead Census challenge results in 5% increase

Census Response Rate:

 4.29.20 (start) = 67.2%

5.30.20 (end) = 72%

Final Ward count for Challenge participants (Ward 4 won the Bonus Challenge prizes):


Ward 1-118

Ward 2- 86

Ward 3-111

Ward 4-176

The next step is to try and address the low response rates in Census Tracts 203 (59.7%) and 204 (51.9%). These are areas around the colleges and contain many rental properties. Census Tract 203 is also an Opportunity Zone. Officials are certain the campuses closing due to the COVID-19 emergency are partially to blame for the low rates plus the usual student confusion about whether they are counted at home or in Moorhead. The number of new Americans living in these areas may also impact rates.  Direct marketing to these areas will be the next step.

The data that will be collected by the 2020 Census are critical for states, counties and communities. Minnesota’s State Demographer’s office has outlined why the census is important and how it can impact Moorhead.

Moorhead’s census count directly impacts our community representation and funding from state and federal programs for schools, healthcare, roads and bridges, and other vital assistance programs. You can help – fill out your 2020 Census!


MOORHEAD –  Minnesota State House 04A candidate Edwin Hahn announced last Wednesday that his campaign launched a project which connects, opens, and inspires the Moorhead – Fargo community.

“OurStory is a conversation which draws out the voices of our community and allows individuals to be seen and heard for who they truly are,” Edwin explained.

On Monday night, Edwin received the Statewide endorsement for district 04A, from the Minnesota Growth and Opportunity Party – Republicans.

Edwin is the first generation of his family to be born in the United States of America. “Under the cover of darkness, my father defected from the brutal socialist regime of North Korea. He was forced to abandon his parents and siblings to escape oppression, and did the hard work to become an American citizen. Because of my father’s courage, and his determination to live freely in the United States, I am forever grateful,” he shared.

From his father’s and his own personal experience, Edwin is committed to listening and working with all people, to advance freedom and destroy oppression.

“Connecting our community, one story at a time,” is the tagline for the OurStory series.

More information about the series can be found at and on the YouTube Channel, We Win with Edwin.

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