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King Charles 3 formerly Prince Charles has been a somewhat vilified character for several years. One simply does not have marital issues with the worlds Princess Diana and not remain popular. Diana you could say was the first media princess. Royal tradition is keep your mouth shut. The recently departed queen was a stellar example of stoic silence. I guess we are all human and we may never hear Charles side.

The Royals have a timeless tradition of military service. Prince Harry served with a friend of mine in Afghanistan. He attended the respected military academy Sandhurst. Prince William is a very accomplished helicopter pilot. Prince Andrew, the kings younger brother flew helicopter in the Falkland war.

In 1977 the Queen wanted Prince Charles to be Colonel in Chief of Britains Parachute Regiment. Charles demanded he go through the Para course as a regular candidate. He stated he could not wear the maroon beret or look the Paras in the eyes as their CinC unless he go through the course and qualify as one of them.

Charles relays the story where his first jump found him being fished out of Studland Bay by Royal Marines, after he was upside down in his harness.

The British Parachute Regiment or Paras are some tough hombres. Founded in 1942 they are made up of four battalions (roughly 4,000). The first battalion is under permanent control of the director of Special Forces. They are one of the most respected military units in the world.

One only needs to look at North Korea and chubby bowl cut there. He and his father have had zero military training. Iraq, Saddam and his boys Udai and Qusay again zero military training. With military training even a small amount of it comes military discipline.

Jordans King Abdullah II, is the only other monarch example in the world. Having received military training throughout the US and Great Britain. He is still head of the Jordanian Special Forces and still jumps.  .

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