Re-located Clay County DMV to Open November 16

Current DMV Building on 15th Ave North, Moorhead.

Karen Newman

“The Clay County DMV will close today (November 10) at 1:30 to transition to its new site at the Moorhead Center Mall. The new location will be open for business at 8:00 AM on Monday, November 16,” announced Clay County Administrator Stephen Larson at the November 10 commission meeting.
Commission Chair Frank Gross inquired about designated parking at the mall for people doing business at the DMV. Larson said there is no designated parking area for people doing county business.
Larson received commission approval to utilize $5426 in CARES Act grant dollars to purchase furniture required for the new space.
Human Resources (HR) Director Darren Brooke updated the commission about CARES Act fund distribution. With a spending deadline of December 1, the CARES Act Committee is winding down their work. Approximately $75,000 of the $7.8 million in grant funding remains. Brooke explained that the last dollars will be spent to cover unexpected expenses arising from the ongoing projects funded with CARES money.
Brooke received commission approval to purchase the county’s 2021 subscription to the Association of Minnesota Counties-Sponsored Human Resources Technical Assistance Program with $4900 in CARES dollars. Explaining that the program is the equivalent of having an HR specialist available, Brooke said much of his work time is spent working directly with county issues, especially those related to Covid-19. When specialized questions arise, he doesn’t have time to research answers which the HR Tech Assistance Program can provide quickly and accurately.

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