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Jason Hicks

Parade season starts in full swing this weekend with the Hawley Rodeo. The United Patriotic bodies and Fargo Memorial Honor Guard would like to remind you of a few basic things. First, when the flag approaches please rise, do not sit there. As a sign of respect for our great republic, stand and salute, hand over heart or if you are serving or a veteran a hand salute. Also feel free to remind others that are there.

We are fortunate to have a core group of members who can still march, many simply cannot anymore. So the FM Legion riders and FM Crusaders graciously donated a golf cart for our people who want to be a part but can’t march, thank you.

Next I would personally like to invite all veterans to march (walk) with the honor guard. These are your small town events and many people would like to show their appreciation for your service. A parade is a great way. Young and old are welcome. We are easy to find; go to the front of the parade and you will see us. We will happily accept you in our group. Men, women, Army, Air force, even Navy lol. Everyone is welcome.

An update on the National cemetery. Having met with VA officials last week the outhouse and wind barrier project are on course. And according to them cannot be stopped. I simply disagree if enough public attention is brought to the shear waste of tax payer funds this can be stopped. Again I ask you to write your elected officials before we are forced to have a picket line of protesting veterans saying “No outhouse at the National cemetery” we can do better.

People sleep peacefully in their beds at night only because rough men stand ready to do violence on their behalf. George Orwell.

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