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Tom Krabbenhoft

Greetings all, I hope everyone has been enjoying the summer.

Some of you are following the unnecessary fight taking place at the Fargo National Cemetery.

We are very grateful to have a national cemetery in the area. It serves a 75 mile radius, so it affects a large area in Minnesota as well. The VA and most of the staff do a great job. The big sticking point has and remains an outhouse or called a “vault” toilet. Vault toilet is a fancy name for an outhouse.

When this project was announced none of the veterans groups were asked or consulted. Our only dog in the fight has been preserving the dignity of the deceased veterans. Most importantly, extending that dignity to the families of veterans.

Last week Senator Hoeven’s office announced that heat and electricity are to be added to the 250k project. Flush toilets and water is being looked at as we speak. We have to thank him for doing the right thing.

I’ve done exhausting researching on vault toilets and how they work, design, maintained and where they’ve been placed. I’m unable to find one placed in a cemetery anywhere. So I believe Fargo would’ve been the first one. Accepting something like this toilet could start a dangerous precedent. Thanks to the people in this area for all the calls, conversations and clamor in its rejection.

On behalf of all the local veterans groups we thank you!

The war in Ukraine is still grinding on. Putin lives, the west is feeding weapons faster than they can be made. US and allied troops inch closer and closer to the border. The CIA estimates 15,000 Russian troops have been killed. Mind you, 58,220 US troops died in Vietnam. Moral amongst the Russians must be extremely low. Even with a state controlled media all the deaths and injuries are uncontrollable conversations the Russians are having on the streets. The rubber band is being stretched far.

One thing that leaves me befuddled is the lack of massive Russian artillery strikes. One thing the Russians have always done well and with quantity is artillery. Artillery is regarded as the king of battle, so its lack of mass use is puzzling.

This is also the dawn of the (Terminator) wars. The use of drones and other unmanned technology. Established borders and objectives make this technology even more relevant.

There is the old saying “Fog of war”.  You could also say this war has the least amount of fog of any war. Very large amounts of intelligence is being gathered and shared with lightning speed on both sides. All wars are based on tactics of previous wars. Hopefully we will move ahead with correct foresight.


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