Thrivent associate Mike Gjerde moves office to Moorhead

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Thrivent financial associate Mike Gjerde moved his office to Moorhead last December. (Photo/Nancy Hanson)

Nancy Edmonds Hanson

It’s never too early to start to plan for your future and your retirement, Thrivent financial advisor Mike Gjerde asserts. But that’s a task too often left for later … and sometimes “later” comes a little too late.

“Most people put a lot more thought into planning their vacations than they do the rest of their lives,” the Detroit Lakes native observes. “The biggest thing is to be ready when you face the unexpected.”

By definition, he says, his clients – mostly people in the 45 to 65 age group whom he calls “pre-retirees” – are there to focus on their future. But no matter how thoughtful their long-term plan, they also must remember life sometimes throws curveballs. Thus, it’s important to lay a firm yet flexible foundation with a steady hand to accommodate the unexpected.

“You don’t buy car insurance after you’ve wrecked it. You don’t buy home insurance after you’ve had a fire,” he explains. “It’s the same with all kinds of insurance, including life and long-term care. You need to build that financial foundation from the ground up; after you need it is too late.”

Gjerde has represented Thrivent for three and a half years. His first office was in Fargo. Last December, however, he opened his renovated quarters at 200 Fifth St. S. in Moorhead, where today he helps customers fulfill their financial goals.

His primary product, he says, is life insurance, though he is also licensed for health, long-term care and annuities. Hi office also handles investments – traditional IRAs, Roth IRAs, annuities, 529 plans and stocks. Among them are Thrivent’s proprietary products, but he also can line customers up with products from other major carriers.

The North Dakota State University graduate originally intended to go on for a doctorate in physical therapy, but life adjusted his intentions. “My wife and I had our first son three weeks after graduation. Then our second arrived 15 months later,” he says. He, wife Liz and those boys, now 6 and 7, live in Moorhead

After several years with CableOne, Gjerde discovered the financial services field. It was unexpected; Attending a high school reunion, an old friend who worked with Thrivent mentioned the Minneapolis-based financial services firm – formed in 2002 by the merger of Aid Association for Lutherans and Lutheran Brotherhood – was looking for talent. “Thrivent prides itself on finding talent among people with different backgrounds,” he notes. “I discovered I truly enjoy helping others find their financial sense of reassurance.”

Gjerde welcomes individuals who are just beginning to lay the foundation for a secure future. “We don’t do cookie-cutter plans. I want your next moves to fit your unique personal situation.

“Your foundation needs to be solid,” he adds. “Make sure your will is up to date, and have your insurance in place, especially for hospitalization and long-term care. You don’t have to have a pile of money to start to get started. You just need to start laying out that a plan.”

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