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Tom Krabbenhoft

Greetings everyone.

June is a great month and as a motorcycle enthusiast I love this time of year.

Speaking of motorcycles. CVMA 42-2 (Combat Veterans Motorcycle Association) did a motorcycle run on June 5th. Over $2,000 was raised for PADS (Patriot Assistance Dogs). Two great groups, please check them both out on Facebook.

On June 5th 1944 General Eisenhower talked with Troops from the 101st Abn. Division before they made their historic behind-enemy-lines jump on the next day in 1944, forever known as D-Day. It was reported Eisenhower was vomiting profusely before speaking to them. He was guilt ridden to send so many young men to their deaths. He was deathly nervous to meet with them, but he did anyway.  Upon seeing him the troops smiled and laughed and greeted him warmly. So much was the respect they had for their leader. It’s rumored that the General “bummed” out several packs of smokes to his boys. How so many risked so much is a miracle. The General loved his men and the men loved their leader. Will the military ever have leaders like this again?

D-Day! It’s a day humans with soft flesh, mostly US, British and Canadians hurled themselves at walls of concrete, bullets and barbed wire. The will and conviction to do something like that is something I pray we never face again.

 But could we ever do a D-Day again? Could our military or society do it?

The talk of what bathroom to use, how I can get my college paid for, free healthcare, words hurt, gender equity and I need a safe place to hide. Would we be able to deliver such a raw sacrifice and gritty fighting force for something with nothing in return?

I wonder if the modern politicians and even military generals would be willing to put their name and reputation on the line for a bold decision such as Normandy. In these modern times, I suspect they’d look for someone to blame if all fails. Eisenhower after meeting with these troops penned a letter taking full responsibility for the failure of the operation. This is what leaders should do.

Could a military action like this be done again? Would it be leaked to the media? Would sympathizers block any action or protest? Would the politicians endlessly clamor for economic sanctions in the House and Senate as Germany digs in even deeper?

Times they have changed.


Still looking for more successful or failed Veterans programs. Veteran of the week submissions too.


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