Tough loss

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Tom Krabbenhoft

2022 slammed into the local veteran community like a runaway train.

 Ray Pizarro has been taken from us too quickly. He loved this country and would write daily FB posts saluting the flag.

 He was a comeback kid that dealt with his demons and helped many others deal with theirs. He was a tireless advocate for anything veteran, especially Patriot Assistance Dogs (PADs). He and the dog he received from PADs would go anywhere and speak about PADs. Drew Nathan rode bicycle and Ray accompanied him in a vehicle. They made two long trips across ND to raise funds for PADs. Most of all he was a humorous SOB and a good guy. I would tell my kids or anyone reading this “be like Ray.” We will miss you.

Military Food- One of the veterans groups I’m involved in recently started doing a monthly breakfast for fundraising. One of our cherished volunteers that makes it successful sent me a flier for social media. The flier contains the menu for our next breakfast: Eggs, fried potatoes, sausage and biscuits and gravy. I inquired “how about SOS” the reply was “sounds appalling”, I replied “military favorite”. I never heard back from her.

My phone blows up asking SOS? from another member in my group.  I’m assuming everyone that served knows and had enjoyed SOS. Many of the people in the group that make us successful never served. So the question is, what is SOS is?

SOS is an acronym for Sh$t on a Shingle. Its toast smothered with a gravy concoction. I’ve had it with many mutations like chipped beef, breakfast sausage, chicken ala king and even some mysterious turkey presentation. Chili and cheese was the strangest use of shingles I’ve seen. It’s a good reminder of the communication barrier that can exist between veterans and non-veterans.

Now that we are hungry we will have our breakfast February 6th, 8:30-noon, at the American Legion in Moorhead. We also have our bloody mary and mimosa bar. It’s a free will offering. We will retire the colors (flag) at 11am. Either a 21 gun salute or a flyover will take place.

I recall as a kid watching M.A.S.H, Hawkeye making fun of the army chow. I never “got it” until 4 February 1984, my 1st day of basic training. The only thing that reminded me of mom’s kitchen was the bread. Everything was under or over cooked. The things I had no idea what they were was the hardest. One time a meat item that was perfectly browned and looked delicious was placed on my tray. A few exploratory cuts and then a few more left me confused and mortified. I was hungry and was only able to find fat, cartilage and small bones. I was traumatized that I could find nothing edible in this large piece of meat. Needless to say that was my first and last dance with pork hocks.


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