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Tom Krabbenhoft

I hope this post Veterans Day article finds you well. It looked like there were many people out for Veterans Day. The addition of snow and ice since reminds us how things change.

A positive change is what is on my mind. Recently I was at the Fargo VA for a much needed physical therapy appointment. In the past my PT experiences there have been lukewarm. I recall years ago going there it had a doom and gloom vibe. This was due to it being tucked away in the basement away from practically everything else. To me basements are a bit depressing to begin with, being hurt on top of it adds to it.

The new PT area is located smartly on the first floor. The reception area is very functional and the receptionists friendly. The treatment area was open and had large windows where the sun was beating in. Modern equipment looked to be abundant. There were individual treatment rooms instead of cubicles with  curtains.

My therapist C from Barnesville greeted me very friendly. He listened very intensely as I explained several of my issues. He placed me through a large variety of movement exercises and diagnosed my lacking muscle groups.

This is a positive change for Veterans, hats off to the VA for getting this right.

The VA has had many rights. After WW1 arguably the first war with modern weapons and first aid advances. More veterans than ever before survived injuries. They also suffered from horribly disfiguring injuries and loss of limbs in record numbers.

The VA was groundbreaking after WW1 with cosmetic surgeries and prosthetic limbs. They’ve also blazed the way regarding many aspects of mental health.

The VA was formed in 1898 and elevated to cabinet status in 1989. With the ever diminishing veterans population speculation on what will happen to/with the VA. Fiscally it may not be effective to keep the VA. What will happen to veterans healthcare in 20-30 years?

Healthcare is only one of the three aspects of the VA. The other two are benefits and cemetery.

It’s very pleasurable to write about positive veteran’s issues, personal experiences and stories. The quill has remained sheathed about negative but daily veteran’s issues. Divorce which is very high in our community and the predatory lawyers. Child custody, PTSD, readjusting back into society. And finally suicide which ravages our veterans and society as a whole 

Thanksgiving is soon upon us, think of what you’re thankful for.


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