Volunteering Is the Spirit of Service

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Tom Krabbenhoft

One of the best traits I see in the veteran community is the spirit of service. We all  raised our right hand and volunteered on Day One. We had instilled in us from basic training a sense of comradeship – the teamwork aspect of getting the job done, despite differences. It’s all of us who make a better place. All of us working together make big tasks small tasks. Good officers and NCOs (non-commissioned officers) often instill this and set the example throughout our careers.

Most of the veterans I know volunteer. Many of us feel we owe our own successes to our service. We want to give back. I see veterans coaching, volunteering at the VA, serving and mentoring just about anywhere and anyplace.

I’m involved in many groups and volunteer efforts. The Fargo VFW and Amvets raise money for many community causes. Both groups have many volunteers who give their time and efforts. I am proud to belong to these groups.

Everyone has heard of Legion Baseball. American Legion Post 21 in Moorhead sponsors that and many other community activities, as do the VFW and Amvets.Another selfless group that comes to mind are the local honor guards. They’re made up of members of all these organizations. You’ll see them at funerals paying homage to fallen comrades. They stand outside in all weather to do this. With this area finally having a national cemetery, they are in demand more than ever.

The FM Legion Riders group is attached to the American Legion in Moorhead. It’s a group I’m very proud to have helped get off the ground. Since its inception a couple of years ago, we have raised thousands of dollars to help others.

The Legion Riders, along with VFW Post 762 and the Amvets, are hosting a joint event for Frostival, with the assistance of the Clay and Cass County sheriffs. We will be “freezing for a cause,” spending 44 hours living and sleeping outdoors to raise funds and awareness for Churches United and The Brady Oberg Foundation. It takes place Feb. 5-7. Check out the FM Legion Riders page on Facebook or www.frostival.com for more details. 

Get involved somewhere. It’s great to give back!

Weekly Shout-Out

From here forward, I plan to give a shout-out every week to one of our area veterans. Our first is Andy Frovarp. He has been with Clay County Sheriff’s Office two years. He has served in the North Dakota Air National Guard for 13 years in Security Forces, with deployments to Iraq and Afghanistan. Andy is a First Sergeant.

Thanks for serving, Andy, and continuing your service.

If you’d like to nominate a veteran for this weekly honor, please submit their name, dates of service, military job and what they do now. My email is on top of page. 

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