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Shannon Thompson

Thursday, October 19th from 1:00pm- 5:00pm, Clay County Solid Waste will host a waste sort at the Clay County Resource Recovery Center, 2233 15th Ave N, Moorhead MN.

 You are invited to participate in a waste sort of residential trash from 100 homes in Moorhead with curbside no-sort recycling service.  We will sort through the trash, learn about the waste stream, record data, and witness the amount of recyclables and organics in the trash.  We will gain valuable information about the amount of recyclables and organics being sent to the landfill.  This sort will assist in measuring the effectiveness of the recycling program.

Clay County has held this sort of the trash from the same 100 houses annually beginning in 2017. Recyclables, plastic bags, food waste, and trash are separated and weighed to record the makeup of the trash. We compare the numbers from the sorts. We use the data to help assess successes and work areas in the diversion and recycling programs. Plastic bags numbers are also tracked separately to further the discussion regarding their use in our area. This important study will give us real numbers to report when discussing waste diversion, recycling, and disposal in the metro area.

Volunteers are needed for the sort.

Please contact Shannon at 218-299-7329 or shannon.thompson@claycountymn.gov  on or before October 17th to volunteer!

Volunteers need to wear old clothes and closed-toed shoes.  The County will provide personal protective gear.  Training will begin at 12:45pm and sorting will start by 1:00 pm.  We will be finished sorting at by 5:00.pm Volunteer are welcome to join us for any amount of time during the sort.

Please pass this invitation to the others who may be interested! We appreciate your support of our efforts to make our metro area as sustainable as possible.

Contact: Shannon Thompson, Clay County MN Solid Waste, 218 299-7329, shannon.thompson@claycountymn.gov

If you have questions about disposing of materials in Clay County give me a call at 218 299-7329.

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