A less messy way to make crispy bacon!

From the kitchens of Amy & JJ

If you skip making the bacon because of the mess, this is a trick for you. Sure, your air fryer might make crispy bacon, but not enough to feed a family! And, you don’t want to sit over the stove and dodge splatter. The oven is your less messy way to make bacon.
You’ll need a rimmed sheet pan (I call them jelly roll pans), a metal cooling grid/ rack and aluminum foil. It is important to have a rimmed sheet pan so it will catch the grease.
First, line your pan with aluminum foil (this will make clean-up a breeze), then place the metal rack on top of the pan covered with foil and lay the bacon on top of the rack. Bake in the oven for about 15-20 minutes somewhere between 400 – 425 degrees fahrenheit. Be sure to watch for your preferred doneness. As we know, bacon doneness is very individual.
This method will keep your bacon separate from the grease, so the end result will be less greasy. If you want the bacon to cook in its own fat, just skip the cooling rack and let the bacon cook on the aluminum foil. Either way, this will be a less stress way to make bacon!

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