MoorHeart Award honors dog rescuer DeAnn Syverson

(RIGHT) DeAnn Syverson of The Retrievers receives the April MoorHeart Award from Mayor Shelly Carlson (at left). She was nominated by Hanna Dufault (at right).

A woman who works to help owners find and recapture lost dogs was presented with April’s MoorHeart Award at Monday’s city council meeting.
DeAnn Syverson is the local representative of The Retrievers, a team of Minnesota volunteers who help owners find their lost dogs. She and her organization have the tools, experience and expertise to help owners set up searches for their missing pets. She is especially helpful when the dog has been spotted, setting up live traps to lure them to safety.
Nominator Hanna Dufault wrote, “DeAnn puts in countless hours ensuring the dog is safely captured. The longest she has waited on a trap is 18 hours. Her work benefits not only the health and safety of the lost dogs, but the members of our community who love them.
“We are a very animal-oriented community, and I’m so glad we have DeAnn to make such an impact.”
Syverson told the council, “It takes a community. I have a great team of Good Samaritans who are always willing to help.”
The MoorHeart award recognizes individuals who go above and beyond to demonstrate community spirit by their actions and service in ways large or small. A team of volunteers from city boards and commissions selects award recipients. The MoorHeart award is commemorated with a piece of art commissioned from local artist Dennis Krull. To find out more, and tom nominate individuals or organizations for the monthly prize, go to and search for “MoorHeart.”

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