Home Buyers: Be ready!

As our local real estate market starts taking shape in 2015, I am noticing a trend which I have only seen a couple of times in my 26 years as a Realtor. Our local economy is so strongly positioned for growth, the current market is struggling to keep up with the demand it is creating. While this situation is positive for the long term, it creates many challenges. Challenges such as, businesses needing to fill workforce positions, for school districts needing to accommodate growing class sizes, and for the housing industry, enough homes to meet the demands of potential home ownership.

For those of you hoping to purchase a home, I encourage you to be ready! The listing inventory for existing homes is very short and the inventory for new homes is getting tighter. Most quality listings last only a few days and are often presented with competing offers. With interest rates continuing to remain very low and home prices continuing to rise, you need to be prepared in advance of seriously looking at homes and making an offer to purchase.

I encourage you call upon a Realtor, who will provide you with the assistance needed to accomplish your goal.

Here are just a few of their services:

– Be your advocate, helping you make sound decisions.

– Provide a purchasing strategy utilizing their professional knowledge.

– Provide up to the minute, real estate market awareness.

– Assist you toward financial guidance in home purchasing.

– Assist you in writing your best offer.

– Be your professional negotiator.

– Provide oversight to the transaction through it’s completion.

If you would like more detailed information about this topic or residential properties, please email me at pkrabbenhoft@gmail.com. I look forward to helping you. Your email and name will always be held in full confidence.

Next week… I look forward to bringing you more “Speaking of Real Estate” when I will bring an update of Legislative Issues affecting our local real estate market.

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