Moving forward with generous donations

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Jason Hicks

It was an amazing week for the Fargo Memorial Honor Guard. We raised over $380,000 in donations. We had an anonymous donation of $250,000. I was asked to keep them anonymous and it will stay that way. But thank you from my heart for the generous donation. We are gathering a tremendous amount of steam for this project. Everyone we have ever spoken to thinks this is an excellent project for our veterans and we could not agree more. There will be many more events and fundraising this summer. But thank you for the continued support.

Our next item for business at the National cemetery is the plan to put an outhouse in close proximity to where we (Fargo Memorial Honor Guard) are dedicating an area specifically for Native American veterans to perform rituals. Despite our best efforts to stop this we have been repeatedly told this is gonna happen and there is nothing to do to stop it. It is quite sad the VA– VETERANS ADMINISTRATION will not listen to the veterans groups who are working so hard to make this a better experience for all. What we are working on is a building with gathering space and a place where family can have fellowship after losing a hero. Plus an area for our Honor Guard to get out of the elements between ceremonies. The outhouse proposal is unacceptable.

People sleep peacefully in their beds at night because rough men stand ready to do violence on their behalf. George Orwell

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