Staging your home

Are you are considering selling your home?

One of the most important decisions you will be needing to make will be preparing your home for sale. Statistics show, preparing your home properly has the ability to increase the home’s value from 1 to 5%! Experienced real estate professionals will be able to assist you in making these decisions.

Your investment into preparation will always have a significant payback as well as help the home sell much quicker.

Some basic actions are:

– Clean and de-clutter the home thoroughly. I often encourage professional services.

– Update plumbing and light fixtures, along with door and cabinet hardware.

– Replace worn or stained floor coverings. Refinish hardwood floors if you have them.

– Have your furnace and air conditioning serviced.

– Repair or replace the garage door.

– Spend time making your landscaping look its best.

Good first impressions are always a must!

The National Association of Realtors website is a wonderful resource to also help guide you.

Go to:

In the search box type: staging

There are multiple articles for you to enjoy and learn about the effectiveness of preparing your home for sale.

If you would like more detailed information about the events or residential properties, please email me at I look forward to helping you. Your email and name will always be held in full confidence.

Next week… I look forward to bringing you more “Speaking of Real Estate” when I will discuss what our local real estate market is shaping up to look like 2015.

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