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Tom Krabbenhoft

Giving Hearts Day is with no doubt the greatest day of community in the area.

 The Fargo Memorial Honor Guard is a Giving Hearts Day charity. There are eleven veteran related charities you can donate to. You can set up your donation ahead of time instead of the day of. Simply go to and search for your charity.If it’s not a veteran charity out of the 570 charities they will have one for you.

Fargo Memorial Honor Guard is kicking Giving Hearts Day off early. On February 8th, starting at 11am we will be setting up on 25th Street and 32nd Avenue. We will be there until 9am on the 9th. During those 22 hours whatever the honor guard raises online and in person we are going to give 75% back to other Giving Hearts Day charities.

You can drive up and enjoy a freewill coffee and donut offering. Starbucks has graciously donated coffee. The donuts will be made special from a WW2 recipe made famous by the Red Cross donut dollies. Outlet Recreation donated an Ice Castle for us to use.

We are very excited to be part of Giving Hearts Day and to do something for the community.

This is our way of giving back to the community that has been so supportive of us veterans.

Please visit us at for more information.

The Red Cross with their Donut Dollies or Club mobiles were the backbone of many bases in WW2. They would set up on bases throughout the United States and Europe. They had large tents and portable carts or dollies. Many times it was the biggest taste of home the GIs would get. The ladies would make American food and desserts to give the GIs. It was a sometimes difficult job. One lady on a B-24 bomber base talked about how they would get attached to a young man over several months. Then suddenly they would not come home from a bombing raid.

 Many people have contributed to the success of the military and go unsung. The Red Cross donut dears sound like they are one of these groups.

 See you on Giving Hearts Day.


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