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Tom Krabbenhoft

May holds many days of importance for the military community. One of those days is May 8th, VE Day.  It’s the day Germany formally surrendered. Many of us have heard the standard people and places stories of WW2. I would like to share statistics of WW2 in Europe costs of equipment.





Losses during the Winter War totaled 67, of which 42 were operational, while 536 aircraft were lost during the Continuation War, of which 209 were operational losses (137 fighters, 51 bombers and 21 other). 327 aircraft were disabled (“attrition”, too old, non-combat accidents) (Overall 603)



From the beginning of the war until the cease-fire in 1940, 892 aircraft were lost, of which 413 were in action and 234 were on the ground. Losses included 508 fighters and 218 bombers



119,907 aircraft of all types. 76,875 aircraft, of which 40,000 were total losses and the remainder significantly damaged. By type, losses totaled 21,452 fighters, 12,037 bombers, 15,428 trainers, 10,221 twin-engine fighters, 5,548 ground attack, 6,733 reconnaissance, and 6,141 transports.


Great Britain

United Kingdom: Europe 42,010, 30,045 fighters and 11,965 bombers.



Losses 5,272 aircraft, of which 3,269 were lost in combat.



Losses were 81 aircraft during the May 1940 campaign



Losses were 398 lost, 112 flew to then neutral Romania, 286 destroyed 1 unknown.


Soviet Union

Losses were 17,900 bombers, 23,600 ground attack, 46,800 fighter aircraft, and 18,100 training, transport and other aircraft; an overall loss of over 106,400 aircraft; 46,100 in combat and 60,300 non-combat.


United States

Losses were nearly 95,000, including 52,951 operational losses (38,418 in Europe and 14,533 in the Pacific)


Land, Tanks and other equipment



15,844 tanks and 1,957 armoured cars lost, this includes African actions as well.



6,126 tanks and self-propelled guns, 2,000 destroyed, 4,000 captured by Germans in 1939-1940.

946 armoured cars and half-track destroyed or captured by Germans in 1939-1940.

At least 1,741 tanks destroyed in 1939-1940, 549 light and medium tanks destroyed in 1944-1945 and 134 combat cars



67,429 tank and self-propelled guns, 87,329 half-track trucks; 36,703 half-track tractors; 21,880 half-track armoured personnel carriers destroyed or captured, 226,300 Military cars and 97,470 Military motor-cycles destroyed or captured, 159,144 Anti-tank guns and Artillery destroyed or captured, 86,400 Mortars destroyed or captured.



880 tanks destroyed and captured; some crossed into Hungary. Moreover, all armored cars were destroyed the first two weeks of fighting.


Soviet Union

83,500 tanks lost: 5,200 heavy tanks, 44,900 medium tanks, 33,400 light tanks (including 11,900 Lend-Lease tanks and self-propelled guns lost)

37,600 Armoured cars and trucks (including 5,000 Lend-Lease armoured personnel carriers lost)


United States

10,000 tanks/SPGs/tank destroyers lost. Yes this number is small, however the US lifted the majority of the combat burden with Japan.


Imagine for one minute what all of these resources and man hours could have been used for. The entire world could have benefited in a positive manner had war been avoided.


Veteran of the week, all those remaining WW2 Vets.

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